For many people Fengshui sounds mysterious. But Feng actually means wind and Shui means water. Fengshui is basically about how to ensure we are in harmony with our surroundings. Good Fengshui in your home is when you feel comfortable there. All the energies flow freely and unrestricted.

We all know that the earth is surrounded by a magnetic field, which we can’t see but which influences all the creature and nature. If we place our bed in a north-south direction to align it with the magnetic flow, we will sleep well. In contrast, a bed placed across the magnet flow, e.g. east-west direction, will disturb the magnetic field and interfere with our quality of sleep.

Between people it is the same. We all have our own energy field. The energy field of a human mind is like the high powered generator with it’s own frequency. We often say that the radiation of cell phones interferes with us. In fact, the energy field of a human mind can interfere with us much more than that of a cell phone, but unfortunately we are not aware of it.

However, if you think about it you will notice that we do feel the influence of other people’s energy. I am sure you have experienced one of the following situations: You walked into a supermarket and you already felt like something was wrong although nobody had even spoken to you. Or you were sitting in a meeting with your colleagues. One of them said something to the another one, who did not answer. But in his heart he revolted. The sensitive people could immediately feel the conflict of energy in the room.

If you read my last blog, (read blog 8: Love Fengshui Tip: Make Space For What You really Want) you may already know what you need to achieve good love Fengshui:

1) First get rid of the bad energy around you. You need to list the people in your close circle of friends who generally only transfer negative energy and make you feel bad. You can’t really stand them but always find an excuse to stay friends with them: they are good people; you really love them, or you have known them for a long time.

You are better off stopping the contact with them and shouldn’t think that you owe them an explanation. Your energies simply do not match, and even worse: if the people with whom you spend time with make you felt tired, give you low self-esteem or make you more confused, they are energy absorber. Your energy level will reduce if you keep seeing them and you will fall into a negative well which is difficult to come out of.

2) If your sense tells you that you should stay with someone, but your feelings say no, you should probably trust your feelings. Because we can’t see people’s energy fields, but they influence us a great deal. Like in my blog 6 I explained, (read blog 6: Learning to Draw on the Right Side of the Brain), we are used to thinking on the left side of the brain, and learned to think logic and label everything, including other people. But are the people really as they seem? Do you really want to be friends with them or do you think you should? What do you really want? Thinking on the right side of the brain can prevent you from being influenced by the knowledge you have learned and help you see the true picture of people including yourself.

3) List the friends who belong to the good relationship group. Good Love Fengshui, or a good relationship is when both of you feel comfortable and relaxed. Your energies match and result in more positive energy.

4) Besides, you should increase your own energy level to attract people with a high energy level.

Unfortunately, every day we receive a lot of negative energy such as the bad news, people in a bad mood, sickness etc. Therefore we can not always avoid emotions like hate, anger or worries, which belong to low energy levels. According to the law of the conservation of energy, to protect ourselves from absorbing the bad energies we need to recharge positive energy in exchange.

We can get positive energy by doing things we really love. For me this includes drawing portraits, playing with my son, spending time with my family, listening to meditation music, talking with my friends with positive vibes etc.

In general relaxing is very important, because only when you are relaxed, the energy can flow fluently. That’s the base for positive energy: flow. Nature is filled with positive energy. So taking a walk on the beach or in a park will help you relax. At the end you need find your own way to get rid of the negative energy. Nobody else can really help you out.

Forgiveness  has a very high positive energy level and makes you free. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you need to be involved with the people you don’t want. You forgive them but you don’t need to share your life with them. Choose the people who you really want in your life.

I believe that when you finally get rid of the negative energy around you and keep yourself at a high energy level, you will have good love Fengshui and good relationships with people.

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