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Chinese calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy deutsche Version

When I was a little girl I learned Chinese calligraphy (Shufa in Mandarin) and Chinese traditional painting from my father (He is actually an engineer but loves music and traditional Chinese paintings) and a friend of his, who was a famous artist.

As an art of drawing Chinese characters (Hanzi) with Chinese ink, Chinese calligraphy has a more than 4,000 year history. Through time and various dynasties Chinese calligraphy developed into different styles.

I can write (draw) almost all the main forms but am mainly trained in two forms: Xing and Kai styles. Kai style is the most common style to write (draw).

The photos below show my name, Hui, which means wisdom, in different calligraphy styles.

In my opinion Chinese drawings are a bit like western impressionism, though some thousands years earlier. Both Chinese drawings and calligraphy strongly show the artist’s personality.

Many friends have asked me to write their names or some lucky words in Chinese. I think it’s also a good gift. I will show you some interesting chinese characters in my blogs.

If you like my blog and philosophy please check out my works and share my website with your friends.☺️

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