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Love Fengshui


Love Fengshui deutsche Version


Many western people know the word “Fengshui’  which is an ancient Chinese science and knowledge to show people how to check and rebalance the energies in any space. This includes private houses, offices or public buildings and will ensure good fortune and harmony for the people inhabiting or using the buildings.

I have studied fengshui for many years with a special focus on love Fengshui. As a result I noticed that the people who have relationship problems, also have Fengshui problems. For instance, one of my female friends has a very tiny and chaotic living room and in her bedroom there is a huge painting of an abstract women. I tried to persuade her to take down the painting and tidy up the living room a little. The bed room is for intimacy and relationship. The painting of an abstract women shows self love and refusal of relationships. The living room symbolises the husband. With a tiny and chaotic living room it is difficult for a single woman to find a good husband. Of course there are many aspects which have influence on a relationship. I just want to say that by understanding Fengshui you can increase your luck in love and relationships.

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