Hui Portrait

To communicate and connect with people through my art and philosophy.

My Philosophy

My philosophy deutsche Version


Growing up I noticed how much power and energy good relationships and connections among people can give us. Therefore I spent a lot of time finding the keys for harmonious relationships through Chinese life philosophy, meditation, and many other oriental philosophies and thoughts. I want to share the keys to help people resolve their relationship problems and make them happier and healthier.

One of the longest studies of adult life is the 76 year long Havard study of adult development, which I heard about by chance in a ted talk (see the video link below). It tracked the physical and mental health of two groups of people, from age 19 up to their mid-90s. The surprising finding was that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our Lives. People who have happy and close relationships are healthier and live longer. On the country, people who struggle alone like in the photo above are less healthy and die earlier.

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