Hui Portrait

To communicate and connect with people through my art and philosophy.


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On the following pages you will find out all about my favorite interests and skills:

portrait, Love Fengshui and my philosophy about relationship.

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My profile

  •  born in the P.R.China and proud of my Chinese roots.
  • came to Europe in 2000 and have lived in Finland, Scotland and Germany.
  • Bachelor in International B-B Marketing and Master in Business Administration & Engineering.
  • have been working in procurement / supply chain management for well-known German industrial companies for the last 12 years.
  • now settled down in Essen, NRW, Germany.
  • happily married and have a sweet little baby son.
  • practising art (currently focused on portrait drawing).
  • enjoy meditation and yoga.
  • interested in philosophy of life, love and relationships
  • love cross-cultural communication with interesting people.
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