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Tattoo Check-up and Design

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As a person who is not only native Chinese, but also love Chinese traditional art and have been practicing Chinese calligraphy for many years, I feel really sorry to see people with wrong or bad Chinese tattoos so often. There are a few different types of „wrong“: some Chinese characters are tattooed wrong; some word combinations make no sense; some are clearly translated incorrectly; and some end up looking like a nasty joke, e.g. a Chinese menu / dish name or swearword. In my experience barely 1 out of 100 Chinese Tattoos are really good: i.e matching the person’s character, written correctly and in a good style of calligraphy.

Therefore, my target is to help people and tattoo studios to select the right characters and calligraphy type according to the person’s individual taste and need. If the tattoos are already on the skin, I can check and re-design them. According to my observation, many tattoos are not totally wrong so my re-design will be based on the existing tattoo and allow it to be corrected with little effort.

My price for a basic tattoo check-up or selection is 6 Euro (incl. VAT) per character. For a more personal design the price will be according to the request and the time consumed. I use PayPal to receive payment.

I have linked my website with an introduction to the main Chinese calligraphy types and a story about a bad tattoo:

Chinese calligraphy

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Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested or have any questions.

Chinese Tattoo Check-up

Basic check-up, each character


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