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To communicate and connect with people through my art and philosophy.

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My name is Hui. I am a Chinese woman who has been working and living in Europe for over 20 years. I consider myself an international person and am very interested in cross-cultural communication. I like to get to know people who are open and interested in other cultures. People who seem ordinary but have unusual stories and who appreciate the little things in life.

I love art and philosophy. When I was a little child I learned traditional Chinese drawing and Chinese calligraphy. In the last year I tought myself to draw portraits as I am fascinated by human faces. Although we humans are similar, everyone has unique eyes, mimic and emotions.

The philosophy I read is generally about love, relationships and humanity. So from portraits to philosophy, my main interest is actually people. For me the most important and interesting thing is to understand and connect with people and to see the world run with love and harmony.

I decided to create this website, because I want to share my thoughts and philosophy with more people. has two meanings.

One: I do draw portraits. Two: The website is my portrait, to show me.

If you are like me, curious about cultures, have lived in different places and enjoy sharing your stories and exchanging thoughts, you will feel right at home here.

If you have been struggling to find a partner or want the solution to a harmonic relationship, I would like to give you my love Fengshui tips.

If you feel low, want to get more positive energy, receive inspiration for a better and happier life, I would like to share you my philosophy and the philosophies which inspired and changed my life.

We all want a happier life and be better people. What’s the point if we have lots of money but are depressed and feel meaningless? What’s the point if everyone else loves you but you are not satisfied with yourself and even doubt the value of living?

Since I am Chinese besides the other topics like Fengshui, art and philosophy I will also write about my Chinese culture, the cultural differences etc. Through the little stories you will not only see a more detailed me, but you yourself. I believe that everyone we meet with on our journey is actually one aspect of ourselves, like a mirror, we see ourselves. So I hope through me (my website) this mirror, you will learn more about yourself. Vice versa, your likes, constructive suggestions and positive comments will return positive energies and encourage me to draw better, share more and influence more people in a positive way.

If you like my blog and philosophy please check out my works and share my website with your friends.☺️

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