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On New Year’s eve, thousands of thoughts flashed through my mind. A lot of memories came back when I read a post from one of my longest friends J.

She posted a photo of the two of us smiling and hugging, which was taken just a couple of days ago during her 6th wedding anniversary. Under the photo she commented: “When I had just moved to this city 8 years ago, it was this girl who helped the lonely me find my other half. (Her original wording was actually more implicative. The word for word translation should read: “It was just this girl who helped the lonely me find my belonging club.“).

It’s true. She and her husband met at an event that I organised. Time goes so fast. If she hadn’t mention it I wouldn’t have realised that 8 years had already passed. Now that so many coincidences and unusual stories have happened in life I am more and more convinced that we are meant to meet the people we meet.

Meanwhile I thought about what another good friend K said: “A lot of unfortunate events took place in my life and I could have given up a long time ago. But I have been like a tumbler: I always got up again when I had fallen down. Even at my worst time, I still firmly believed that the sun would come out again.“ I can’t prevent my eyes from filling with tears whenever I think of her words. If each one of us is in a microcosmic universe with its own aura field, we attract a similar kind of people. Many of my friends are like J and K. We have all at one time or the other encountered bad luck or met the wrong people. But no matter what happened we always had faith in the bright side of life and never gave up on our dreams.

My dear family and friends, it’s so nice to have you in my life. I am glad I can accompany and witness the sadness and happiness of all of you. With you every quiet and ordinary day is warm and beautiful.

Happy New Year! Let’s bury all the sadness, disappointment, regret and confusion from 2017 and welcome the health, happiness, good luck and satisfaction coming in 2018!

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