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According to Love Fengshui the living room symbolises the man in the house. Therefore, when I was single, I decorated my living room with romantic paintings and huge couches to make it nice and inviting for my future partner. But several years passed and I only met the wrong guys who either weren’t a match for me at all or were not ready for a serious relationship. Although I am generally an optimistic person, I started to wonder what was wrong with me and my Fengshui.

A friend said, “well my dear, unfortunately you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet with your prince.“ But I couldn’t bear to kiss any more frogs. So I tried meditation to find out what was wrong. During meditating I saw my teddy sitting in the middle of my couch! Oh, that’s the problem! My subconscious actually knew it! The teddy was one of my favourite gifts which my ex had bought for me. I had wanted to give him away after I broke up but I really loved him as he was huge and very soft and comfortable to cuddle.

Anyway, I had found all kinds of excuses not to get rid of the teddy. The truth is that deep in my heart I couldn’t really let my old story go – it’s not because I still loved that person, but because I could not easily say bye to the years, my tears, love, hate and all the emotions. All of them were a piece of me. How could I let it go? But no matter how hard it was, I finally decided: now it’s time!

I donated my teddy to one of my colleagues, who organised a small non-profit group for helping abused women and single mums with kids – at least teddy left for a good purpose. It was on 4. June, 2014. Only a couple months later, I finally met my Mr. Right and we have stayed together until now. ☺️

(In the post I wrote: ˋTeddy von ex endlich gespendet! Abschied im Büro!  which means: The teddy from ex was finally donated! Say bye in the office! )

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