Hui Portrait

To communicate and connect with people through my art and philosophy.

My Portraits

My portraits deutsche Version

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Since I was a child I have loved to observe the people around me. Not only my parents and friends, but also people who I met coincidentally for a short moment. I would describe their looks and characters, as if I had drawn them in my mind. In recent years I have started to draw portraits because I am still fascinated by human beings and the common humanity. Through each unique face, especially the eyes and mimic I can recognise and “record” the emotions such as joy or fear. In this way I feel connected to them as if having communicated with and understood them.

The bird picture is  my newest painting. You can see my other recent works by clicking on the link to my instagram.

If you like my blog and philosophy please check out my works and share my website with your friends.☺️

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